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Don't Trash Nevada

Meet the Social Media Squad

How do you use Facebook or Twitter? Our Social Media Squad spends some of their time each week spreading the message to take care of Nevadas public lands and talking to people about ways they can make a difference in Nevada, all while learning useful social media marketing skills.

From UNLV to Clark County School District students, we have a great team helping us out. Check out why they do it and what they get from it:

Alexandra P.
Alexandra is quite excited to work on DTNs Social Media Squad! She loves the outdoors and always tries to fit in a couple miles of jogging or running when she can. In addition, Alexandra avidly listens to music and plays four instruments- the piano, violin, guitar, and ukelele. To unwind from a busy week, relaxing while reading blogs and drinking tea is one of her favorite pastimes.



Cray A.
Hi, my name is Cray and Im a part of the Dont Trash Nevada Social Media Team! I love the environment and I enjoy keeping my community clean. I have a bunch of hobbies that include (but arent limited to) video games, playing drums, doing yo-yo tricks, jogging, and karate. I currently attend UNLV as a nursing major and I hope to graduate real soon. I hope I do a great job as a DTN SMS member and I hope you guys enjoy our content! Thanks!

Former Social Media Squad Participants:

Katie Erickson

KatieHey, everyone! My name is Katie Erickson and I am ecstatic to be a part of the Social Media Squad! I am a freshman at West Career and Technical Academy. I am enrolled in the Environmental Science program because of my immense love for animals. Im all about being wildlife-friendly, which is a big part of Dont Trash Nevada. When I graduate, I plan on going to BYU Provo. After that, Id love to live near the beach and work as an animal behaviorist. Some of my hobbies include writing, piano, reading, and being with friends. Im VP of Communications in West Techs DECA chapter, which has been really fun so far. Im excited to get to know everyone and help spread the word about Dont Trash Nevada!

Ashley Gamin Kim

AshleyHello, my name is Ashley Gamin Kim whos currently majoring in Management Information Systems in West Career and Technical Academy. I really wanted to volunteer in Social Media Squad since I am interested in Majoring in Computer Science. I also wanted to learn to collaborate with other people in Dont Trash Nevada, mostly adults, to get used to professional environment. Dont Trash Nevada has given lots of opportunity for all of us in order to succeed- and a chance to learn that Nevada is in a lot of environment trouble due to unlawful trashing. I really love working with my peers on social websites, and testing what plan works the best. I also have a deep interest in music, especially classics and jazz. I believe that music is a great way to communicate with everyone on the planet, since its a universal language that we all understand. I wish to be the founder of a company that will change the world, like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. In order to do that, volunteering in amazing group like this was absolutely necessary since any interaction with people makes every business dead or alive. Its so fun analyzing how much interactions we get depending on type of the post I hope to keep doing this as part of my life.

Alison Ryu

AlisonI am currently a freshman in the Environmental Science program at West Career and Technical Academy. My program has developed within me a deep love for nature and a desire to protect the environment we live in. I am so excited to be working on the Social Media squad because it provides me with the perfect opportunity to spread protection awareness for the Nevada environment. Even outside of school, my love for nature shines. I have a small vegetable garden in my backyard where I nurture my love for the earth, and I also spend time painting and creative writing on the weekends. As a part of Palo Verdes Varsity golf team, one of my favorite pastimes includes golfing with both my family and friends. Along with this, I enjoy hiking at Red Rock, and hanging out at Lake Mead is one of my favorite ways to spend the summer. I cant wait to continue on with the Social Media squad because I get to spread my love for nature and learn even more about the Nevada environment. In other words, this is my dream job!

Lauren Talavera

LaurenHello, Im Lauren Talavera, and Im currently a freshman at West Career and Technical Academy. I often spend my time on the computer doing research on things that interest me. Im a little shy and soft spoken, but once you get to know me, or if you have the same interests as me, than I can actually get really loud. I mean, I randomly break out in song and dance sometimes But those are just a few of the things I do. In my freetime, I like to draw pictures, and I also spend my time video editing. Im pretty good at doing both, but I never put any of my work online to be appreciated by not just me. Im also a Polynesian dancer; Its pretty fun to dance around in different costumes to island music. Im really into watching things like Japanese anime and often listen to Korean Pop music.