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Don't Trash Nevada

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For general information, suggestions and questions please contact:

Elizabeth R. Barrie, Ph.D.
Public Lands Institute
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Phone: 702.895.5837
Fax: 702.895.5166

For site specific questions, please contact:

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
National Park Service
Nancy Bernard
Phone: 702.293.8714
Fax: 702.293.8936

Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Harry Konwin
Phone: 702.515.5494
Fax: 702.515.5460

Bureau of Land Management
Southern Nevada District Office
Erika Schumacher
Phone: 702.515.5030
Fax: 702.515.5150

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area
U.S. Forest Service
Bob Loudon
Phone: 702.839.5578
Fax: 702.839.5599

Keep Las Vegas Beautiful
City of Las Vegas
Lisa Campbell
Phone: 702.229.5406
Fax: 702.598.3938